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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Install Android 4.0.4 ICS Update on Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 .

  1. Install Android 4.0.4 ICS Update on Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 ...
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    Upgrade Galaxy Ace to ICS 4.0.4

    It's a long wait for ICS or Android version 4.0 and can not walk on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. The word entered the ranks ga Ace Samsung smartphone can enjoy ICS. But after the open-open again at XDA-Developers, there are many that in trheat ICS port for Ace. Curious ya read and read first tritnya. But only one ngepas at heart: D. After the upgrade, was nyempet-nyempetin for making documentation and amateurs, I'll be posted for readers who use Ace. Here are a few tutorials that might help users enjoy Ace ICS.

     "This post is based on personal experience with XDA-Developers as my reference if there is a problem. Perform with all your own risk. Risk I am responsible for your success, but not a failure, because I do not make a post to a failure on your system."

    Before you follow these steps, you should first backup contacts, sms, or anything that is important in memory of the phone, which is in external memory / sdcard leave it, not influence.
    I assume you are all familiar with the upgrade and root. And also you need to know first, when I want to do this upgrade, I was wearing Ace Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. So that still use Froyo I recommend upgrading to GB first because there are some things that are not the same, as follows:

    By the time you're still using Froyo, samsung when entering recovery mode, there is no option to install update from sdcard, just install That is, you can not install CWM while still wearing Froyo. Or if you want to try please CMW that later you have downloaded, rename it to (must zip extension).
    If you're already on GB Android 2.3.x, it would be very easy to follow tutorial that I gave.

    When entering in recovery, Volume Button as top-down navigation. Home button for execution / OK. Back button is the same function.

    1. We must prepare CWM (ClockWorldMod) to install ICS The Myth Lite 4.0.1.
    2. Download CWM here.
    3. Download ICS TheMythLite here.
    4. Full mobile phone charger, at least 50% full is'll upgrade later time ga dead in the middle.
    5. Results download (no 2 and 3) put in SDcard, put out just let bad nyarinya, if you want in the folder ya no problem too.
    6. Turn off the phone first.
    7. Log samsung recovery by pressing the power button along with the home button, after it says samsung, game off the power button but still hold the home button.
    8. Find a CWM that had already put in SDcard, use the volume keys to navigate up and down.
    9. If you found, select CWM. Then when the next menu entry NO.NO.NO.NO.YES no choice, select the YES lah.
    10. Wait until finished, then use the back button, return to the start menu and Reboot.
    11. Then the phone biarin flame, then turned off / Power Off.
    12. As with step No. 7, go into recovery mode CWM property.
    13. Search menu Wipe data / factory reset, select yes delete all user data and wait until finished.
    14. Then underneath there Wipe cache partition, do the same as No. 13.
    15. Having no 14 complete, select the bottom again, install zip from sdcard. Find ICS TheMythLite, click ok and then install TheMythICS_Lite. Wait for the process is finished.
    16. Back to the start menu and reboot.

    [[Now there is a Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Ace. Try here!]]

    After all the above steps completed, phone on again a little longer and do not panic ato have thought your phone system failure. Leave it, it later emerged boot animation is cool, about 1 menitan is, after you've installed Galaxy Ace Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1. This is a picture tutorial if confused (ato pake'll actually confused the picture: D) and the only video preview after the upgrade is complete (ignore backsound are not clear, see hapenya ya: D | amateur).
    Also there are screenshots of Ace after ICS installed. If you are successful with this tutorial, comments may be sent a link ato Ace screenshot you were already kepasang ICS.
    Enjoy ICS.

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